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SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT: A Documentary About Backpacking | How To Travel Alone – Solo Travel Stories

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SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT is a documentary from Toïne Haverkamp that explores what backpacking is, during a nine-month search through well and lesser-known backpack spots in Asia.

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The documentary gives a glimpse into the backpack scene. Shown from the perspective of a traveller who has never been outside his own continent.

During the trip the viewer is taken by other backpackers who will show all aspects of what backpacking has to offer.

You will see stories and images that we often see on Instagram, but more importantly, all the stories behind those enviable moments that we never hear.

For backpackers it will evoke a sense of recognition, and for the stay-at-homers an unique glimpse into the backpack scene.

The documentary is strongly music driven by the specially created soundtrack by the young producers Nikos & Nick (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and To.ne (Utrecht, the Netherlands).

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✍️Directors note✍️:
Years ago more and more people in my environment decided to start backpacking. Besides the fact that I saw nice pictures on social media and heard all the fun stories, I hardly had an idea what backpacking was.

I became more and more curious why people like to leave everything behind and travel around the world, while sleeping in dorms, and trying to spend as little money as they possibly can. I couldn’t find much about this topic on the internet, besides travel guides or documentaries about personal quests. So I decided to go on research myself and go for nine months to Asia, to discover what makes backpacking so interesting for people that it becomes a way of life.

When I started years ago on my backpack documentary project “SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT”, I had one goal. My goal was to inspire as much people as possible to step outside their comfort zone and start discovering. With more than 250 people coming to the premiere last year this was the first step. One year later I hope to reach and inspire more people with this public release.

Thank you for watching, your support and keep exploring!

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