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Kolkata, West Bengal Food & Travel EP 1 | Food Heaven

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For the first time on any video title i have used the word Food Heaven, Kolkata food deserves this title. We spent more than 8 days in Kolkata, it was so much of fun exploring food and sightseeing.

There is so much special about Kolkata food that if you travel to this part of the country, you will surely fall in love with the West Bengal Cuisine.

Following are the details of the places visited by us during our Kolkata food and travel journey, Day 1 , Episode 1.

Deshbandhu: We enjoyed our breakfast at this food joint, this is a old restaurant, cooks Luchi in desi ghee.

Luchi Sabji Rs. 14 per plate
Gulab Jamun Rs. 15 per pcs
Address: 227 MG Road, kolkata 700007
Mob: 7319581449

Jorasanko Thakur Badi: We went to this place , ancestral house of Gurudev Shri Rabindranath Tagore. I spent about 3 hours there and after that also felt that i should come back again and read more about the famous poet, who has done lot of proud to the Nation.

Location: You put Jorasanko ThakurBari on Google maps you will get to see the location.

He was the first non European to be awarded the Nobel prize for his work on Literature. More you read about his work, more of it you would want to know and learn.

Koshe Kosha: This is a popular non veg food restaurant, though not old but i was told by many locals that they are famous for mutton based non veg food preparation called Kosha Mangsho.

I was quite deeply impressed by the taste and preparation style.

Kosha Mangsho Rs. 295
Basanti Pulao Rs. 145
Bhetki Fry Rs. 215
Address: 1/1C, Ripon Street, Near Park Street

Nobin Chandra Das: Inventor of Rassogolla, that was mentioned on the board, i spoke about this piece in the video. I got some information about Rassogolla that it was invented in Odisha as it is served in Prasad at Jaganath Puri temple since ages.

Sometimes you may have heard me pronouncing o and some times a in the word Rasgulla… In Bengal it is pronounced wtih O letter in between….

Very tasty, if you travel to Kolkata then you must have Rassogolla on day 1…
Rossogolla Rs. 18 per pcs
Nolen Gur Rossogolla Rs. 18 per pcs
Rossomalancha Rs. 24 per pcs
Address: 1A, Hem Kar Lane
Mob: 25545689


Mitra Cafe: This shop opens at 4.30 pm and closes at 10 pm.. Very famous and very old shop, it is famous for Bengali fish cooking style called Fish Kabiraji.

Kabiraji Fish Rs. 116
Address: sovabazar, shop 47, jatindra mohan avenue

Arjun Shaw Five Star: This was a random Puchka shop. Gol Gapp are called Puchka in West Bengal.

Puchka Rs. 10 for 4 pcs
Address: padmapukur, cit road

If you are a foodies than you must travel to Kolkata, you will enjoy the food at lot. Food of Kolkata is so much different and so much tasty..

Should you have some experiences to share about Kolkata food, Do share your experience i would look forward to hear back from you….

Thanks for for your time, regards, Harish Bali


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