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EKTA online travel insurance for travel abroad, visa insurance, COVID insurance

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Medical insurance for travel abroad. Visa travel insurance and avoiding travel unforeseen expenses.
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Why EKTA insurance policy is chosen?

🔹 Offices at every spot of the world.
🔹 Client support 24/7
🔹 No hidden clauses in the contract
🔹 Get insurance policy online
🔹 Insurance covers COVID -19
🔹 10 year experience at the insurance industry
🔹 Over 150 employees
🔹 No hidden restrictions in medical services

Who is our insurance suitable for?

🔹 Visa receiving – our insurance policy is suitable for obtaining a Schengen visa and visas of any other country

🔹 Active rest – Provides “Quiet rest” and covers moped, water park, attractions, horse and bicycle rides, surfing, jeep safaris, snowboarding, downhill skiing on marked tracks

🔹 For children and pregnant women – EKTA insurance policy is one of the most advantageous tariffs and fillings for travelers of this category

🔹 Insurance policy for any occasion – Choose the country of travel, type of rest, policy validity period, sum insured and additional risks, insurance policy will be sent to your mail within 5 minutes

🔹 Quiet rest – The policy covers medical and transportation costs. Suitable for lovers of light loads: running, swimming, fitness, cave tours

🔹 Extreme rest – Provides “Active rest”. Suitable for extreme sports lover: freeride, kiting, rafting, base jumping and extreme cycling (road, mountain cycling, bicycle motocross, bicycle track, bicycle trial)

🔹 Entry into another country – The coronavirus pandemic has changed the rules of tourist border crossing in most countries around the world. In order to enter the country, you need insurance that covers COVID treatment.

🔹 COVID Covered Insurance – ECTA insurance includes observation in another country for 14 days with payment for accommodation up to 70$ / day. Testing for COVID, medical or inpatient treatment

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