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Dive Bar Food Travel Search for Best Burger in Orange Beach, Alabama at The Keg Lounge & Grill

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In this episode of our beach travel vlog we enjoy dive bar food with a burger at The Keg Lounge & Grill on the Gulf Coast in Orange Beach, Alabama. This dive bar opened up back in 1980 and lays claim to being the oldest bar in Orange Beach. Join us for a beach dive bar food travel adventure as we explore Orange Beach style bar food with a cheeseburger. If you’re looking for an old school bar experience this might be a place for you to investigate. Our restaurant review videos will be exploring some of the best Gulf Coast restaurants and this beach food vlog will show you how we enjoy our Orange Beach dive bar experiences. I might go so far as to say that the Gulf Coast might have among the best cheeseburgers and fried foods in the USA to my taste and the area offers many great burgers. Our beach food and cheeseburger experience here could be the USA’s best beach food and cheeseburger candidate but we will let you judge that for yourself. I am constantly asking where is the best burger and who has the best bar food and often I find the best burgers and bar food are still found in Orange Beach so we will eat with me burger and beach food perfection so let’s get started with a burger eat with me on our travel vlog. The Keg is located in Orange Beach, Alabama at 26796 Canal Road which is about 3 hours and 195 miles from the New Orleans French Quarter.

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