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AIRPLANE TRAVEL HACKS | FREE seat selection in 2022

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GENIUS FLIGHT HACKS to get the BEST seat on the plane for FREE. How to pick your seat for FREE on an airplane and how to get an entire row of seats to yourself.

In today’s video we will cover some of the BEST airplane seat hacks for your next flight. These little known flight tips will help you score the best airplane seat. Travel life hacks are perfect for sleeping on an airplane, or just being more comfortable on the plane and surviving a long flight.

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VPN (a travel essential for security, flight hacking, and watching American Netflix)

0:00 airplane seat hacks
0:34 choosing a seat when buying a flight
0:50 Opt out of paid seat selection
1:05 never pay to choose a seat
1:10 choose your seat free
1:30 set an alarm for the 24-hour check in window
2:03 the best and worst seats on an airplane
2:13 how to get an entire row of seats
2:24 the best row to book
3:05 get a row to yourself as a solo traveler
3:42 Get a row to yourself as a couple
4:12 bonus travel hacks to change your seat
4:20 eat notifications at expertflyer.com
4:40 can I check in for a flight again and change my seat?
5:05 Ask an agent to change seats at the airport
5:44 When can’t change seats before the flight
6:09 bonus hack to switch seats
6:34 what to say to change airplane seats


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